Nuklospray Yoghurt for Piglets

Nuklospray yoghurt has been developed to be the piglets first supplementary feed. This complementary feed for offering during the suckling period helps balance the nutritional demands of the young pig. Nuklospray yoghurt is unique in composition and contains approximately 2.7 x higher dry matter than a regular milk replacer. As a result, piglets have improved energy and dry matter intakes, thus better preparing them for the transition to solid feed.


  • Improved feed intake before weaning vs dry creep
  • Reduced mortality, on average an extra pig weaned per litter
  • Improved piglet weaning weights
  • Smoother transition to dry feed
  • Reduced within litter variation at weaning
  • May also be used as a drench for small piglets at birth as an energy boost to improve viability.

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